Our Story

Timelessprints started after I created my bookstagram account. Our bookish collection is designed with all of you bibliophiles in mind and we hope that they bring you a little closer to your favourite characters. We launched an aromatherapy collection that features candles that are perfect for winding down or setting the mood. Our candles are created using 100% soy wax and are handcrafted. Each fragrance is carefully picked to create the best scent.

I hope you enjoy my little creations. Thank you in advance for supporting my dream.


About Me

Greetings stargazers, world travellers and book lovers. My name is Thevaagie a.k.a Mina,  I'm a Canadian #6ix bibliophile, who buys a lot of books by the cover.  #sorrynotsorry


My journey as an avid reader had begun when my I received my first copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". I was entranced by a world I didn't want to come back from . #Gryffindorpride

I am not ashamed to say that I fall deeply in love with fictional characters. I have many stars in my night sky. Here are a few of my favourite novels by category:  

Romance: The Edge of Never by J.A Redmerski and "A Beautiful Disaster" By Jamie Mc Guire. Fantasy: "Harry Potter" by J.K. Rowling, "Throne of Glass" Series by Sarah J Maas.

Thriller: "The Break Down" By B.A Paris.

Other than reading, my ultimate dream is to walk into a bookstore and spot someone with my book in their hand. Yes, I am a writer. I love writing and have completed a novel. I am actively searching for a Literary Agent.


I started my bookstagram account in October 2017, where it became my outlet to share my thoughts and opinions on the books I've read in a creative aspect. The bookstagram community is a place where people are freely able to share their experiences and not be judged. From the first day I started bookstagram, everyone supported me and taught me the ropes. 

I'm honestly hooked!


German Shepard, Husky Mix

One True Love

 I love nothing more in this world than my pup. He's my partner in crime, my better half and most of all the light of my life. He got me through the tough times. He's the brightest star in my night sky. We enjoy listening and singing along to music, especially "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast. 

Long walks are a must. We take a break under the sun and while I explore the pages of my current read, he'll go explore wherever we are.



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